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2017-04-05 By IV Future

HTTP/2 Server Push

Consider using server push any time your network link is idle.

HTTP/2 is designed to address many of the failings of HTTP/1.x. Modern web pages use many resources: HTML, stylesheets, scripts, images, and so on. In HTTP/1.x, each of these resources must be requested explicitly. This can be a slow process. The browser starts by fetching the HTML, then learns of more resources incrementally as it parses and evaluates the page. Since the server must wait for the browser to make each request, the network is often idle and underutilized.

To improve latency, HTTP/2 introduced server push, which allows the server to push resources to the browser before they are explicitly requested. A server often knows many of the additional resources a page will need and can start pushing those resources as it responds to the initial request. This allows the server to fully utilize an otherwise idle network and improve page load times.

At the protocol level, HTTP/2 server push is driven by PUSH_PROMISE frames. A PUSH_PROMISE describes a request that the server predicts the browser will make in the near future. As soon as the browser receives a PUSH_PROMISE, it knows that the server will deliver the resource. If the browser later discovers that it needs this resource, it will wait for the push to complete rather than sending a new request. This reduces the time the browser spends waiting on the network.



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