About TAIS

TAIS is a software solution for empowering online clothing retailers with cutting-edge body scanning technology for precise and effortless customer measurements. Enables retailers to enhance customer experience, reduce returns, and optimize their inventory with an important environmental positive impact. By reducing unnecessary returns and promoting conscious purchasing decisions, TAIS contributes to a greener future while enhancing the retail experience.



  • Interactive 3D Avatar Generation that accurately represents body's shape and size.
  • ML Product Recommendation Engine that suggests tailored fashion choices.
  • Virtual clothing Wardrobe for an effortless clothing management
  • In cabin Assistance Call for shopping assistance.
  • Virtual Try-On with our innovative augmented reality technology.
  • Social Media Integration for fashion finds and styles.
  • Products Filtered Based on Avatar Sizes for ensuring the best fit.
  • Multiple Avatars Integration for different body shapes and sizes, allowing versatile shopping experiences.
  • Integrated Payment for a secure and smooth checkout process. Mobile App for unlimited access.