IVFuture, a regional leader in the IT industry, is proud to be a sponsor and participant of the ICSTCC 2022 (Conference on Systems Theory, Control and Computation) event taking place in Sinaia in October 2022.

This event brings together scientists from academia and industry to discuss the current state and new trends in systems theory, control and computer engineering. The ICSTCC promotes professional interactions and collaborations, strengthening links between prestigious Romanian faculties and IT industry representatives.

IVFuture’s participation in this conference is a valuable opportunity to demonstrate its experience and knowledge in the field of technology and innovation. By supporting and participating in ICSTCC 2022, IVFuture contributes to the development of the community of specialists in Romania and to the promotion of the latest trends and discoveries in the field of information systems, control and engineering.

This initiative reflects IVFuture’s ongoing commitment to be at the forefront of innovation and to be involved in key IT events.

By collaborating with other faculty and industry representatives, IVFuture is strengthening its leadership position and contributing to the technological advancement of our community.