IVFuture Academy Program was founded in 2021 out of the need to develop the IT educational segment in the South-East region of Romania.

IVFuture company aims to support young people’s access to equipment, facilities, teachers and specialized practical training, which will provide them with the necessary foundation for a secure career in their hometown.

The Program’s mission is to provide specialized training to approximately 100 students over the course of a year, 60 of whom can be employed within its team.

If students no longer migrate out of a need for access to specialized education and practice, then well-paying jobs will be filled locally, thus bringing overall wealth to the community. As well as Cluj, Galati could become an IT&C hub that would offer the community the facilities and benefits of IT&C; i.e. flexible and well-paid working hours.

The Program offers the opportunity for a paid intensive learning program, which can provide the necessary qualification and inclusion in the labour market in a very short time (about 4 months).