At the beginning of this academic year, IVFuture company equipped the Faculty of Automatics, Computers, Engineering and Electronics in Galati with equipment worth approximately 70,000 lei, as a first step in the private support that the company offers to the academic environment.

  • endowments of up to 70,000 lei in equipment;
  • paid internship at the For Future Academy Program;
  • the chance of a stable job.

During the first three years of collaboration, through sponsorship contracts, the company will regularly invest in state-of-the-art electronic equipment. The main objective of this partnership is to support and develop the academic environment in the city of Galati, thus giving IT students the opportunity to study, specialize and work in their home community.

Well-paid jobs are usually in the private sector and they generate a sustainable tax base but more than that, they create a market for goods and services that lead to healthy social development.

Our aim is to develop the IT education segment by supporting young people’s access to equipment, facilities, teachers and specialized practical training that will provide them with the foundation for a secure career in their hometown.

In the age of technology and knowledge, wealth is generated through collaboration, communication and connection.